We believe that coffee should have a full bodied flavour and make all our drinks with a double Ristretto shot of coffee. We hope that you will also enjoy your coffee this way too, but if you would like a milder flavour, please ask for a single Espresso shot and we will be happy to make it for you.
We use whole milk to make our coffees as this gives the best flavour and texture, but we also have skimmed milk available so please just ask if you would prefer this option.

Americano - £1.95
Flat White - £2.25
Cappuccino - £2.25
Latte - £2.50
Double Espresso - £1.80
Macchiato - £1.95
Mocha - £2.75
Flavoured coffee syrups +35p

Cold Drinks

Please visit our drinks fridge to see our selection of cold drinks, juices and water.

Hot Chocolate

Our hot chocolate is made with real milk chocolate, sourced from a single origin and available in the following amazing flavours:

White Chocolate with Vanilla - £2.95
58% Cocoa from Venezuela - £2.95
70% Cocoa from Ecuador - £2.95
82% Cocoa from Madagascar - £2.95

Ronnafeldt and Twinings Teas

Twinings English Breakfast - £1.95
Assam - £1.95
Darjeeling - £1.95
Earl Grey - £1.95
Rooibos Orange – South African Rooibos tea subtly flavoured with orange - £1.95
Morning Dew – refreshing flavoured green tea with delicate fruit aromas - £1.95
Fruit Power – delicious, refreshing mixed fruit blend - £1.95
Mint – simple and refreshing, made with nothing but mint leaves - £1.95
Chai – deliciously warm spiced Assam tea - £1.95

Rooibos Tea Espresso

Rooibos tea prepared as an espresso, but caffeine free, rich in anti-oxidants and just as hydrating as water. Has a great, rich taste and makes a fantastic range of drinks. Choose from:

Red Cappuccino - £2.50
Red Espresso - £2.75
Red Macchiato - £2.75